Our consulting packages: Bronze Silver Gold

Bronze – Free advice
We understand that some customers are very technical and they wish to implement Zoho on their own. We are happy to help those customers for free. This package will include our first free meeting and sharing our free resources, tips, links to material relevant to your implementation and high-level advice on your solution architecture.

Silver (0-8 hours)

This package will take less than a day, to keep our consulting fees to the minimum, but you will still get the hacks and tricks – the best practice customization that will fit your business and a few developments that you could not cover with your workforce.
Cost per hour: $95 USD (+Tax if applicable).

Gold (More than 1 day)
Here you sit and relax while we do all the set up for you (while getting all the relevant inputs from your team). This package will include migration, automation, developments, training, and post-go-live support (all customised to fit your specific requirements).
Cost per hour: $85 USD (+Tax if applicable).

Read more about our support options and find a solution that fits your requirements.

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