Tagging Go Biz IT

If you have been referred to this link, it means that we were asked by you or by Zoho to assist you.

For that purpose, we would need you to tag GoBiziT with Zoho so that we would have a better understanding of the Zoho products and versions that you are using.
Once you tag us, you can get our assistance while using Zoho. We help for free with simple stuff, and when it becomes complicated, we will notify you of possible charges beforehand. 
Being eligible to receive our support won’t prevent you from working directly with Zoho if you prefer so, and it does not make your licenses payment more expensive. 

Tagging GoBizIT, won’t grant us any access to your Zoho system

Here is how you tag us (less than 1 minute):

1. Use your Super Admin credentials (this this refers to the user that pays for your Zoho services) to log into Zoho System, just in the same way how you log into Zoho CRM.

2. In a new browser window go to this URL https://store.zoho.com.au/html/store/tagyourpartner.html

3. Click on the “Select All” checkbox/s (this box may appear more then once) and then click the green button “Tag your partner”:

4. In the next stage, do not check the Checkbox “Do you want to give your Mail Control Panel Access to your partner?”, unless you need our assistance to set your emails. 
5. Enter Partner Code gobizit and click the “Submit” button.
6. In the next stage, please click the green “Process” button. 

That’s it! You’ve done it -:)  
Click here to learn more about Taggin from Zoho Website.

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