The best solution for a flourishing Crypto Community

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers. This decentralized structure allows them to exist outside the control of  governments and central  authorities.

Due to the reason above, Crypto companies must grow their communities by using social tools like Messenger, Telegram and Twitter. However, it’s very hard till impossible to manually keep track of those channels, especially when the hopeful result is happening and more people join the community.

The Solutoin

With accumulated IT experience of over 50 years, we will tailor the best and most efficient solution that includes top-notch technology based on AI.

Here is how it works: we will create an omnichannel messenger in your desired digital assets: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, what’s app, etc. Whatever channel you use, we can work with.

We would configure a highly sophisticated, tailor-made bot that would handle all the communication with your growing community.

This AI technology is extremely smart, but your community will still have the option to ask to get passed to a human agent.

The flows that the bot creates will navigate your community questions into a service inbox that can be configured for individuals or a team. It will create tickets while recording all the information that your set your bot to collect (this can be set not only to populating the chat history but also additional data that you wish to collect and add it to the user record), resulting dramatic reduction of the time your agent spends on mundane tasks.

If I earned a $ each time I was told on crypto Telegram communities ” NO, SCAM! Report, block, delete that chat.”, I would have become a millionaire…

This way your support can focus on providing top quality knowledge, handling real problems and not “wasting time” delivering answers that are already published in your online assets (the bot will cover that part).

As this process runs on AI, it will continuously learn and get better the longer it’s being used. As we analyse your communications over easy-to-read reports, you would get insights that will help you improve your operation and better set your support web-info, FAQs, reduce the number of tickets and quickly handle the existing ones.

How amazing is that?- the more your crypto becomes popular, the more efficient your bot becomes and less human interference is required to handle more communication with your community! 

Wish to connect your tickets to a support system like Zoho Desk, Zendesk etc, we can do that for you as well. 

As most crypto businesses hold seed money dedicated to investing in your Crypto development, we are happy to get paid in your own tokens. At early stages, we can even accept a formal obligation to be paid by your crypto after it will get tokenized. Needless to say, we also accept crypto payments.

Wish to set the best tools to grow your community?

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