Customers Testimonials

Henry Schein New Zealand (HSNZ) was looking for a cost-effective alternative to Salesforce.

We wanted a CRM that could be used by every Team Schein member in the NZ business with an ultimate vision of recording all key customer touches into one central location, resulting in improved customer experience.

HSNZ narrowed down a possible alternative to Salesforce being ZOHO One, and we found Go Biz IT as a partner to work through the transition.
We did not want to be sold on another product or product enhancements; we required an expert to transition 200,000 records and our existing customisation from Salesforce to ZOHO CRM, setup the ZOHO CRM interface, and ensure Zoho Campaigns were working correctly, adequate training was performed. All of this had to be done in a time frame of 4 weeks.
Since we could not afford to lose data or not have a CRM system to serve us, migration had to be executed precisely over one weekend so that on Monday, we could go live with no disturbance to our operation.

“Go Biz IT was a pleasure to deal with; they were the experts that we were looking for, and they did not let us down once. Go Biz IT was very responsive to any requests by the team and resolved queries in a timely manner.” 

Technology used: Zoho ONE (80 users), Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Desk, Zoho Campaign. Matthew Kaye, Finance Manager at Henry Schein New Zealand

Purolite Implement Zoho One

Purolite develops and manufactures resin beads used in the most regulated industries to separate, remove or recover very specific elements and compounds.

Purolite originally planned a self-build solution that would cost $250,000 and would require significant IT support. Given the time and expense constraints of that approach, Purolite decided to explore other options. The company had been a Zoho CRM customer since 2013, and, after careful consideration and examination of several solutions, it ultimately selected Zoho One because of its comprehensive, integrated platform, simple pricing model, and scalability.

Four months after deploying Zoho One, Purolite achieved an impressive 271 % ROI !!! through the modernization of the company’s analytics, reporting, expense management, business processes, and sales capabilities. The platform saved Purolite more than 800 administration hours per year by eliminating manual reporting, and the company’s sales team experienced an average of 5 to 10 percent increase in productivity.

Key benefits from deploying Zoho One include:
  • Cost savings: Purolite has saved $100,000 annually by eliminating inefficient legacy software and hardware.
  • Enhanced accounting and auditing: Purolite is able to upload data for analysis and produce reports more quickly and easily, with an automatic audit trail. Previously, two administrators spent 20 percent of their time producing weekly reports.
  • Avoided expenses: Purolite was able to circumvent the extra time and big expenses required to create its own IT solution.
  • Improved productivity: Purolite administrators were able to save more than 800 hours annually from improvements to workflow with automated reporting systems.

“Our users noticed an immediate difference with Zoho CRM compared with past CRM programs. The Zoho CRM platform and integrations are user-friendly and make adoption much less painful,” said Amanda Dolan, CRM Integration Manager of Purolite Corporation. “Zoho created a company-wide internet that allows for sharing of information and collaboration, and with great results. Specifically, our users have loved Cliq and Connect to enhance company integration and communicate effectively across all of our offices. Zoho was deemed a success for our company.” – a well known Kiwi property website helping users make smarter property decisions by displaying a database of over 1.6 million homes, past sales, council information, and capital valuations.  The information is presented in a simple and usable way. use Zoho One, to facilitate and manage sales, marketing, finance, and customer support. Zoho One is a perfect fit for due to the fact the business is still in its infancy and keeping cost down but have access to a vast variety of Modules are ideal. We’ve managed to grow our business while automating many of our days to day tasks so that we can continually improve our business and increase our sales.
All customer and user email interaction are managed through Zoho Desk. Template, and knowledge-based are customizable with easy & quick setup.
We use Zoho CRM as a database to all our Customers and potentials, capturing the lifecycle of our customers from prospect to a subscriber, capturing all communications, emails, tickets, calls, and campaigns that grow with our business in regards to customer and agent numbers. We love using the Zoho CRM mobile app. It’s an excellent tool for our mobile sales force and for the business to capture all communications relating to our paying customers.
Zoho One allocate 5,000 Zoho Campaigns subscribers for each license with options to purchase add-ons. Such flexibility allows us to execute email campaigns with ease and full CRM integration we have easy, quick access to our database and keeping data updated without maintaining separate lists.
We recently moved our Customer on-boarding journeys from Autopilot to Zoho Campaigns using auto-responses. revenue is based on a subscription business model.  We moved from Chargify to Zoho Subscriptions since we moved to Zoho One.  Challenge is that Chargify does not share credit card data with Zoho Subscriptions which means we moved all new business to Subscriptions, however still in a migration process with aged sign-ups.  The sign-up pages are easy to customize and share.
We also implemented Zoho Checkout giving our users (via the web, Android, and Apple OS), the capability to make a secure purchase of a product with ease and at a time convenient to them, 24×7 availability and no touch required.
Challenges: Delay in time zones, raising support tickets and getting delayed responses from Zoho support.  Some limitations between in- house module integrations, e.g., checkout and campaigns
Restrictions to the number of API calls through webhooks in Zoho Subscriptions
Successes:  cost savings for the business, ability to customize applications and set up integrations without Technical Development required.
Go Biz IT is a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable in regards to Zoho CRM especially when setting up complex Custom Functions.  It’s a great having someone local to talk to when want to communicate through a situation to get a better understanding of around a specific functionality and its benefits.
Thanks to Go Biz IT, were advised to upgrade to Zoho One which meant we had full access to all Zoho Apps with the ability to streamline processes and increase productivity.

Technology used: Zoho ONE (17 users)
Ronel Steynberg, Head of Customer Support


Zoho Success Story Go Biz IT

The Insulation Warehouse Ltd (TIWL), is a Kiwi owned and operated business that offers great service, knowledge, range and pricing for home insulation solutions.

Due to larger demand for TIWL services, it had to move from using disconnected insulated applications like Google Spreadsheets, Mail, Calendar and Calls, into a more robust centralized solution that would support the growth of its business without damaging the quality of our services. TIWL also knew that they must connect their CRM into Xero as without it, a lot of double data entries were taking place and it left room for errors.

On discovering the benefits of Zoho One and Zoho CRM we approached Go Biz IT. After an in-depth analysis of the situation at TIWL, Go Biz IT provided a customized version of Zoho CRM with bi-directional synchronization to Xero. Additional modules such as Invoice, Quotes, Sales Orders and Products were set in Zoho CRM to grant us a 360-degree customer view, which recorded all of the interactions that TIWL has with its customers including all past emails.

To ensure continuity and uniformity of processes, the blueprint was embedded in the Deal process as well as with Sales Orders and Invoices which include a great deal of automation.

Now TIWL deals can be accurately tracked while keeping an accurate track of mandatory attachments like insulation certificates etc.

With the use of Zoho CRM, TIWL is now able to send Quotations and Invoices and Insulation Certificates to our various customers while using Zoho templates and automation.


With the implementation of Zoho One in our everyday business, TIWL achieved the below results:

  • Increase in team collaboration using Zoho CRM which made our data consistent.
  • Easy way to track all of the interactions we had with our customers in one place – Zoho CRM.
  • Bi-directional synchronize between Xero and CRM to automate payments and to prevent double data entries.
  • Smooth execution of assignments and high efficiency in our business process while using an improved blueprint of TIWL’s business process.
  • Better engagement with TIWL’s customers with emails (and email templates) sent within the CRM.
  • Full access with Zoho Mobile to TIWL workforce on the go which can now access and update customersdata remotely.
  • Migrating our could Documents from Google Drive to Zoho Workdrive.
  • Migrating Mailchimp to Zoho Campaign.
  • Migration of our G-suite to Zoho Mail.

“We love the fact that Zoho CRM is highly customizable to fit our specific business and industry needs. Go Biz IT was able to customise Zoho CRM to meet our specific internal blueprint and business process.”

“TIWL can measure and report metrics of every module. Zoho CRM helps us to keep with the team’s performance, carry out our sales forecasting and help helps us make smarter business decisions.”

Technology used: Zoho One (12 users), Zoho CRM, Zoho Mobile, Zoho Wrokdrive, Zoho Mail, Zoho Campaign
Kevan Hunt, Director The Insulation Warehouse


Cabtec - Go Biz IT Success StoryCabtec is Joinery manufacturers since 1993. As the Cabtec’s business is growing quickly, they needed a more seamless, robust and bulletproof solution. They picked Zoho CRM to cover their Sales Process and Zoho project to cover Operational and delivery of their products. 

Here is a testimony of what Damien, Cabtec Sales manager was thinking about working with Go Biz IT:

“I was hired to be the Sales Manager of a family-owned manufacturing business, they had spreadsheets and accounting software. I compared CRM solutions and Zoho was by far the best value and had the tools we needed to grow our business now. 

I tried a few Zoho partners to help with the development of our Zoho needs and Danny Nissani at Go Biz IT has been by far the most reliable, honest and knowledgeable Zoho partner, I have worked with. Having worked with Danny Nissani for 3 year, I can confidently provide you with this testimonial – Go Biz IT is the only  Zoho partner I will use because TRUST is everything. “

Technology used: Zoho One (12 users), Zoho CRM, Zoho Mobile, Zoho Wrokdrive, Zoho Projects, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Forms, Zoho Survey.

Damien De Ment, Sales Manager Cabtec 

altusweblogoI was with Salesforce before I moved to Zoho CRM, and I found Salesforce to be outrageously expensive for what it was providing, For me, nothing in Salesforce was any more powerful than what I can do with Zoho CRM. But Zoho CRM costs just a fraction of Salesforce – $15 per month vs. $100 per month – so I’m saving over $1,000 per year per user.

John Buerger, CFP™ Professional ALTUS



ZOHO, A great easy to use CRM product! It helps us keep organized with our contacts and leads. It is also allowing us to become Americas favorite LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE provider.

Adam J. Stass, WebsiteAlive



It took so long to find a great CRM solution and NOW WE HAVE IT. We have used salesforce and ACT – Either too expensive, not enough features or just plain hopeless – ZOHO is the perfect fit for functionality and price.
So good that we have recommended it to our overseas partners and suppliers – FANTASTIC! – keep up the good work and thanks for a brilliant solution at an affordable price.
Phillip Key, CEO, eNerwise


I first looked at ZOHO CRM because of the price. I decided to implement it for my company because of the quality. I decided to invest in the platform because of the innovation.
In my experience implementing a number of CRM systems from to NetSuite, ZOHO’s feature set and ease of use made it the best fit for my company regardless of price.

Adam Stone, Founder, President & CEO
, D-Tools, Inc


ZOHO CRM is simply the best. Without reading ANY help files I was up in running with the ZOHO CRM system in days! By day #4 I had trained my entire team on all processes and functionality and setup a series of automated actions to streamline my operations.
I am not a programmer and I have never built databases before, but because of the intuitive and logical interface I was able to setup the entire system myself in the same time it would take me to communicate my requirements to a team of programmers.
Unfortunately, I spent 3 months in pursuit of a solid CRM – I was in what I call “CRM Limbo” trying out just about every CRM trial on the net, and getting more and more frustrated with each one. I went through 7 other systems before I embarked on ZOHO through a google search. With other CRM’s I just didn’t know where to start! Very discouraging!
The 3 things make ZOHO a winner are that it’s easy to setup, it’s easy to customize as your business evolves, and it’s easy to use and train employees on. I recommend ZOHO to everyone!
Mr. Steve Giovi, CEO, ImplantVision Communications LLC


As a complete novice to CRM software never having worked in a sales environment I had a hard time understanding all the CRM solutions that I tried.
Not so with Zoho CRM I found it easy to understand straight out of the box, it did everything that I wanted and more including integration with outlook. Best of all it is free for the first 3 users, I would be very happy to pay for it though just for the ease of use and convenience – the help is good though a little light in places.
Overall I am very pleased after becoming very disheartened with other CRM products that I tried.
Lee Edge, BITS Ltd.
Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise! Zoho CRM turned out to be a very solid product. It’s flexible enough to allow for tab, field and sales process customization; has integration with web forms (which to me is a must have these days); has potent workflows allowing for alerts and messages; I haven’t tried lead assignments, but is has that as well.
It has everything one needs for support including the knowledge base and a well thought out quotation/product price management engine. But most of all, it’s polished! The big problem with the software these days is that it’s become “feature check mark driven” and usability improvements rarely make their way onto developer’s schedules. Well, this is definitely not the case with Zoho. Two thumbs up and 5 stars!
Dima (Dan) Itkis, NPD Product/Project Manager focusing on SaaS projects, Moderro Technologies


Using Zoho CRM in support of our business and think it is a brilliant way to centralise all our sales processing.

John Zamick
, Dist Gen


With Zoho CRM, we now have complete visibility of our clients and client interactions. We also have an easy way to follow up on the leads we get from our website. Zoho CRM lets us disperse those leads to our team, and we’ve set up some automated processes, alerts and tasks to make sure that we give our customers the best possible service and support.

Kevin Lippert, President JetHub LLC