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Zoho CRM - the world’s favourite CRM Platform

Zoho CRM platform empowers a global network of over 160,000 businesses. Half of Zoho CRM customers are in the United State and the rest are spread worldwide.

With Zoho Customer Relationship Management you have all the tools to helps you keep track of all your customers, making appointments, and multiple options to track your business activities.

This is the key. Unlike mass marketing theories, Zoho CRM philosophy tells us who are our customers and their individual needs and tastes, and how can we take their purchase history into account to serve them in the best possible way. 

Zoho CRM allows us to personalize your attention to thousands of clients without missing anything. It’s a centralize the registry of communications with our clients and being able to keep track of the progress and status of our sales team. 

Interactions with customers are available to all desired sales reps so that the information allows not wasting time asking the same questions that another colleague already asked before, or offering something that they already rejected at the time

What are the other features of Zoho CRM Platform

Zoho CRM Account and Contacts lists are fully customizable, which allows you to segment your customers, which is very useful when using the Zoho Campaign that integrates with Zoho CRM. 

Zoho artificial intelligence Zia, can detect new business opportunities, even before the customer is aware of possible needs that may arise.

You can initially feed it by importing data from your preferred email program. Then you can link each tab with its profile on social networks and synchronize the contributions made in Zoho CRM back with your email. The idea is for Zoho CRM to become the single repository for customer-related information.

Everything in one place, safe and accessible to anyone who needs it.

Highlights the system arrange appointments to customers who may at all times accept or propose changes. You can send and receive emails without leaving the program, thus having an integrated view of your entire relationship with a client.

It can record all incoming and outgoing calls and associate those calls with new tasks to be carried out by all team members.

Zoho CRM is available wherever you have a web browser or mobile device, with an internet connection, without the need for installations or maintenance and updates. Zoho does all of that for you. it has everything for your sales to improve significantly.

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